Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kavir no more...

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US Elections

If anybody here in the UK think the US Elections don't affect us.... Seriously? You honestly believe that? GO away. You can't be helped.

If you're still here... well, it's 3.05am, and projections on CNN are counting Obama with 207 votes, and McCain with 89. Every minute Barack Obama is hitting the high notes, and even when he's not winning the state, he's pretty damn close. It's exciting, it's worrying, it's watching history in the making. I want to watch this election and know that the best man won. I believe, as a British citizen, that Obama is not just the best man for America, but the best man for the world. My dad says that the US doesn't really affect British policy on anything, that's the UN's job. I give anyone who says the same thing two words. Iraq. Afghanistan. Can you honestly say that we would have went to war if America didn't?

In the debates, Barack Obama repeatedly and consistently trounced John McCain in the key issues that affect everyone. Economics. The war. Enviromental issues. Obama isn't perfect, we all know that, but he's the one, I believe, will factor REAL change in America, and therefore the world.

My little brother is in the RAF. I'm very proud of him, but I do not want him in any danger. No matter how skilled he is, how much training he has received, no amount of knowledge will protect him if a bomb goes off. So many innocent people, be them army, RAF, navy, civilians, anyone, have died in the pursuit of nothing. I don't want my little brother to be another statistic. His name is Greig. I call him Groogs. He's not a number. He's my brother.

I'm watching CNN still, and now it's 3.29, and Obama is at 207, and McCain is at 135.

My mum is gay. Not a huge issue here in Scotland anymore, but in America? Small minded bigots want to change THE WORDING OF THE CONSTITUTION so that it reads "man and woman". People, and yes, every gay person IS a human being, would lose the long fought and hard won right to marry who they love, after winning that right for such a small amount of time. How dare some people have the right to choose the way complete strangers lead their life? Why should they care? And why doesn't *the gays* have the right to control *the straights* right to marry? In a nutshell, it's a crock of shit. Anybody think differently, I'm more than happy to listen, and respect your views. But please imagine, just for a second, that what you hold to be true was the minority view, and that people wanted to take your rights away. How does it feel?

I seen something interesting today. You know the web addresses that end in .com or Some end in .net or .org? There's one that most television networks use. It's .tv - and it actually belongs to a very small island nation called Tuvalu. They rent out the suffix to pay for advancements in the islands, like new schools and roads. The sad thing is, being inbetween Austrailia and Hawaii, and only 4.5 metres above sea level (at the highest level), Tuvalu is in real danger of being wiped out by the effects of global warming. We can't pretend it's not happening. We can't stick our head in the sand and wait til it goes away. It's happening. We NEED to realise that real action has to start, YESTERDAY.

3.58am Obama has 297. McCain 139. Obama is the new President. I have goosebumps. I'm crying and typing.

Welcome to a new world.