Monday, 21 December 2009

I've been busy! honest!!

Ok, so with my promise to myself that I wouldn't run before I walk, I haven't installed internet access in the new flat yet. And I won't, until I see what the bills will amount to, so I know I can afford it on my still limited income. So even though I wanted to update more often, most of my time is spent at the flat, and it's coming along quite nicely!

I've got kitchen and bathroom flooring down (with loads of help from G!), got a washing machine, and various other kitchen stuff, including a table and chairs. I love sitting at the table, cup of herbal tea, putting on my make up and watching whatever DVD takes my fancy of a morning! It's lovely, and quite possibly my favourite room of the flat right now. In the living room, I have bought a couch and a lovely chair, which, of course I took a picture of!

I love it! Into the bedroom, I have my bed, dressing table, and two chests of drawers. I've a long way to go, but it already feels like home, *my* home.

In other news, I'm travelling on Wednesday to spend my Christmas with my mama, two sisters and nephew and niece. To say I'm excited would really be the understatement of the century! I'm doing my "Scottish" shop tomorrow, and will be laden with plain bread, shortbread, potato scones, square sausage, Irn Bru (watch the vid below!), and other various Scottish yummies that you either can't get in Wales, or you only get poor imitations! (Sorry Welsh potato cake!)

When I get back (29th), I'll be spending my New Years with my friends, then 2010 will start with a little surprise... as well as continuing to turn my house into my home... I've made a momentous decision. All will be revealed at the other side of Big Ben!

Til then, have a beautiful Christmas and a New Years you'd rather forget!