Friday, 30 January 2009


****I wrote this about 4 years ago, when my ex and I first broke up. I'm writing a sort of follow up now, so I thought I'd share this first. Comments/critiques welcome!


I tried to pull you to me, needing the touch of your skin. But you were looking somewhere else, and you walked away, never looking back. You didn't see me walking against the wind, because I desparately wanted to be someone you needed. But I couldn't walk between the raindrops, and I fell so often, you left me far behind, in an ocean of bitter tears. I still seen your smile, the look in your eyes when we were in love. You are lost to me now. I don't know where you are, and god, I try not to care. But I practise walking between the raindrops that still fall, in the hope that maybe one day you'll turn around and find me.

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