Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Showing off...

So Gof has been working on his Flaming sleeve, and just had his third sitting with Kay at Kaya (113 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow). It's looking awesome, and he's really pleased with it, as is Kay, the artist, who is keeping a record of progress just like I am. When I finally save the pennies to get inked again, I'm definitely going to her.

So far, it's been just over 7 hours work, and I think it'll be finished in the next session, so we're both very excited!

The first sitting was mostly Kay free handing it out on his arm with a pen, then going over it with a thin line, almost as a tracer for the colours, and shading lightly to get a good idea of the movement. This took a little over two hours, mostly because Kay and I gabbed constantly!

The next sitting continued on the shading front, blending the 'smoke' effect and starting on the colours, browns, reds, oranges and yellows, making it as 3D effect-y as possible. Another two hours work here, and this time, I wasn't there (back in the heady days of employment!), so alot more was done, and we could see it really take shape!

The latest work! The 'smoke' shading is complete, and the colours are starting to really look amazing. The original idea was to have the flames round his wrist start off blue, and shade up into the oranges and yellows et al, but now, we think there's enough drama in the shading to keep the same colour palatte without incorporating the blues. Comments/suggestions? This time, Kay enjoyed working on it so much she gave Gof a free hour (and at £60p/h he really didn't mind!) so we sat for three hours this time, watching a true artist nearly complete this masterpiece.

Hopefully soon I'll be putting the finished product pictures up, but in the meantime, what do you think?



The Vintage Kitten said...

Great tattoos, when I got mine I nearly fainted.....Never again!

Miz said...

I did faint when I got my first one... but I still want more! Working on number 4 now, I really should blog about it, get some ideas!

Anonymous said...

I love it, and while I don't think it NEEDS the blue, I think it would be a really great addition just for the simple depth of colour that it would add. Not to mention the many levels of meaning that a blue flame could mean...

But the colouring as it stands is just purely lovely. And I second the thought that you should blog about your ink ideas >_> just so that I can see them!

And... I'm about to go in for my 9th sitting, and I've yet to pass out ^_^