Monday, 6 April 2009

My mama, the hero

This is my mum. Her name is Anna. When I was younger, about 9, 10 years old, I came home from school and seen my mum washing the entrance to our building, and her hair was cut very short. I refused to speak to her for ages. I don't know why I was so annoyed, but I was. My mother's hair was long and beautiful, and she just didn't look like my mummy anymore. I was in a huff for weeks. My mum loves to tell that story, she continues to be amused by my petulant behaviour over her hair.

Fast forward to today, or more specifically, a few weeks ago. My mum lives in Wales, and I miss her every day. She's been quite ill, but even given the severity of her condition, her heart is still so big, and she still thinks of other people before herself. So when she discovered that a little girl, who lives down the road, has a heart condition and needs a machine to help her, my mama forgot her own pain and threw herself into helping raise the money. A few weeks ago, my mum done this....

Yup, she had her hair cut, then shaved, for the little girl. By doing this, she pushed aside her own, quite considerable problems, and done something that makes her the wonderful, selfless person she is, and has always been. I couldn't be there, to support her in this in person, but my sister, Lynzi was.

You can see, she is as proud of mum as I am.

Soon, I will have a paypal button, so that if you wish to donate towards the heart machine, you can. But firstly, I wanted the world to know what an amazing woman my mother is.

I love you mama.

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