Monday, 15 June 2009

I've been quite naughty...

I'm still doing the exercise bit, but I've still been eating wheat, so bad me. I promise now, to mark each day with a wheat/no wheat... to keep myself on check. Doing well on the water front too, drinking at least a litre a day, usually more.

In other news... I meant to take a picture of my make up for Blitzer's masquerade ball... but I forgot. I wasn't even drunk, having had 2 drinks the entire night, but oh well. It was a fun night, but next time, I'm booking a hotel room in the next street so I can get to sleep in a bed when I'm sleepy! Instead, like the good friend I am (:P) I gave up my room so my best friend Twitch could get - ahem - some sleep. Yes. Sleep. Gof and I went to his at 5(ish?) in the morning, where, although I was sober and awake, I went straight to sleep! Sometimes having a second wave doesn't matter as long as I have a pillow under me!

Sleep. I've been getting a better quality of sleep in the last 4 days, but over the past fortnight, I've had more nightmares than I can handle. I know I'm stressed, but no more so than usual so it's a bit worrying. I think with my body getting used to the amount of activity I cram in daily, I should be sleeping without dreaming pretty soon. It's a nice thought.

I start therapy in July. I'm nervous, but hopeful, it's something I haven't really considered before, and when I asked my last doctor about it, he just threw pills at me. I don't need the pause button, and I'd rather let go than hold in. The Mental Health team did talk about group therapy, but I'd rather one to one for now. It's taken me all this time to take this step, I'd rather walk before I can run. The idea of talking to people no better off than I am seems sort of egotistical, like a whole "I know you have it tough, but pity poor me!" Not my scene. Maybe I'll change my mind, but right now I'll just talk to someone who will only have a professional interest, not an emotional one. Maybe selfish, sure, but I want to do this right.

I'm going back to college too. I'm rewinding back and doing it right this time round! I'm also working more on my Repo! A Burlesque Affair night, the tickets are going on sale at the end of the week, so I'm working hard!


Anything else??


Been watching more make up tutorials like this or this. I've sorta trailed off wearing make up, and I don't know why, because I love sitting down to apply it in the morning! I'm odd, I know it.

OK, that's it... until I remember somethin else I forgot!

But be prepared for more posts... and maybe soon, a snippet from the new fiction I've been writing.

Yeah, kept that quiet, haven't I?

*evil grin*

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