Wednesday, 17 June 2009

To market, to market!

So, Livvy needs a new wardrobe. Difficult, but not impossible, to do on a budget. Ebay is my friend!

Footwear first - of course! I think I should take one pair of knee high boots, I'm thinking brownish, of maybe even deep green. I like these...

... so far, and neither of them are too expensive. I'm thinking though, that outta my budget, I really should get decent, hardwearing boots to run around in. I'll be in a field, maybe in the rain, so I should take care of my feet!

In that case *insert shifty look here* I'd sack the brown/green look and buy these instead!

Maybe it's the goth in me, but I frigging LOVE these! Wedges probably aren't the best thing to be running in either, but, well, it's me! I can run in stilettos! (It'd be murder in muck though!)

Otherwise, I'm also looking at sandals. August is a hot month, and I don't want to be wearing big boots all day every day!

These are pretty funky...

..but most sandals are either "in fashion" gladiator cheap crap or little flip flops with nothing really to them. I want something cool, but will support my ankle if I decide to go running about in them! I think I'll have to go further than ebay!

My colour scheme, as such, deep greens, reds, browns. Some blues too. In fact my main inspiration comes from a scarf I have. I'll take a picture tomorrow and post it, ok? Anybody got any ideas, I'll be happy to take them!

For now, I'm off to girlify. I've got a burlesque networking event tomorrow, and girl needs to HUSTLE!


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