Sunday, 29 November 2009

plan of attack!

Right now, I'm in bed fully clothed, eating (drinking?) Chicken broth and willing this cold away! G and his friends are downstairs having their weekly geekery session, so I'm typing this out on my blackberry, hoping it works! It'd be easy to slip into a poor pity me routine, this is the first time I've been sick in ages, and it just had to be the week I'm moving, but really, I've no time for pity parties. So far, I've got my little nic naks I carried with me from place to place, and along with my friends generous help, I have a bunch of borrowed things. A TV (courtesy of G), a fantastic double sized air bed (thank you Sandy and Nathan!), a kettle (cheers dad!), and, most importantly, and not borrowed(!), a bottle of champagne! (You know how to prioritise Chris and Maggie!) I've bought a microwave too, so I can have simple meals and the like while I'm there, but mostly, I will be at G's for proper meals.

This week, the big stuff happens. I'll be moving my bedroom furniture out of the attic flat, where it has been stored all this time due to the kindness of Blitzer, Sharron and Niamh. Also, a workmate of G's has very kindly donated a bed base and a portable TV, which will probably live in my kitchen. I get paid on Tuesday too, so I'll hopefully be able to get a table and chairs for the kitchen, and maybe a few more things, like dishes and mugs. I've had the fantastic Tracey from GAM H fill in my CCG form, so if I manage to get money from that, I'll be able to get my cooker, fridgefreezer and washing machine, and a sofa for the living room. That probably won't happen til after New Years, but its in, so fingers crossed!

Ok, typing this out on the BB is starting to hurt my eyes, so I'll stop for now.

More pics and videos coming up!!

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