Sunday, 3 January 2010

A(nother) small update.

I'm a bit broken right now. I'm literally battered and bruised. Some people just shouldn't drink. No, scratch that - some people shouldn't drink and then bust into someone's home to cause trouble. Especially when that someone is your estranged sister and she has a home filled with people who love her. Especially a few small hours after the New Year bells have rung. Yes, a grown woman beat me because I wouldn't allow her to go near my dear friend. That lovely lady is suffering physical and mental pains, which this grown woman, full of jealously, bitter hate and alcohol, knew all about. And yet, still wanted to attack her own sister in a completely unprovoked rage.

I could repeat what happened over and over again and still it doesn't make sense. Every family has their issues, this I know (and don't we all!), but the vile blackness spewing from that, that thing's mouth... it's worse than the attack on me. Her other sister, a woman I've met before and disliked on sight because of her petty behaviour has joined in, and took the side of that drunken maniac. My friend, my amazingly generous friend, now needs to go through life knowing her own sisters hate her that much - and for no real reason. Jealously is a powerful, destructive thing.

Since then, things have only got worse. There have been death threats, and threats towards any (as yet unborn) children my friend may have, both of them threatening her with this since she dared go to the police.

The police are involved, and there has been a charge of assault for what that woman done to me. Statements taken, and pictures of my injuries have been done today. I hope, for my friend, for her husband too, that her darling sister is punished to the full extent of the law. I hope that her other sister is similarly charged for the threats.

...and to think, these women have sons. How ashamed must they be? Those poor boys.

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Cheryl said...

I am still, so incredibly angry. I hate that I wasn't there to intervene, that I have to be so far away and completely unable to help in any way. I am so sorry that this is all happening right now, ever in fact. She is so very wonderful, one of the best, kindest, most sincere women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I hope that this doesn't take that knowledge away from her.

Or you.