Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well well...

Food poisoning has had me housebound for the past week. A particularly bad dose, my doctor said, but the silver lining is I've lost 5lbs without trying, so I'm using that to kickstart my weight loss in the New Year. My stomach has shrunk from the not not eating much, and I have no intention of expanding it out again!

But on to nicer things. I'm officially back looking for work. I signed myself back to Jobseeker's Allowance, and I'm grabbing as much help as I can from whoever is offering it - from agencies to charities, I'll look for work knowing I have plenty of support.

I know I can go back to work, I crave the dual challenge and routine having a job will give me, and I'm emotionally in a better place than I have been in years. I'm just worried, I suppose, about two things. Firstly, that I'll run before I walk and rush into something I can't handled after being out of work so long, and secondly, explaining to any potential employers why I've been out of work for so long. It won't be an easy discussion.

You know the weirdest thing? When I was calling the different departments about switching over to Jobseeker's, they were all so, so shocked when they learned this wasn't something I was forced to do, rather, I chose to make the switch and start looking for a job. When they discovered I had went to my doctor of my own volition, and discussed the possibility of returning to work, rather than being told I had to - well, let's say the calls got a lot more cordial. Mostly, they thought they would be dealing with someone who was being forced, kicking and screaming, but to earning a (an?) honest crust.

But that's all I want to do. Work my day, go home, and look around my little piece of mine, and know I've bought each piece with money I've earned. To look in my bank account and know that the money there is money I worked for, every penny, not cash put there for me to survive on until two weeks time.

Anyone know of anything going? I'm not being picky!

PS. the announcement I alluded to in an earlier post? It is coming, I promise! Unforeseen delays mean I can't say now, but all will be explained in due course!

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