Monday, 1 March 2010

*hides in shame*

Yes yes, I'm a naughty girl - I promised another video then disappeared for two weeks! I'm sorry, truly, I am! Thing is, I got sick, then Gof got sick, then we didn't leave my house for more than 20 minutes at a time... for a week. But the plague has ended and Gof is now on holiday anyway, so we've rejoined society, ie. venturing out in broad daylight and coming to his house for the net access!

So, right now, I'm typing this on Mac's Mac (seriously :P), I have a pad full of other blog ideas beside me, I'm considering outfit ideas for the upcoming Emilie Autumn gig (SQUEE!!!) and generally, enjoying sitting up! Gof is sitting next to me playing Alien V Predator on *his* PC (which is faaar superior to a Mac, apparently :P), and I think I've lost him for good... I'm an AvP widow!

*he's grumbling about the Alien eating him alot, it's quite funny*

So, catch up. I went to a job interview last week (more on that in another post, it warrants it, believe me!), and on Saturday, we had a birthday get together for Gof and our mate Chris, they share a birthday (which is actually tomorrow!), so Gof made sushi, Chris made... ummm, loads of hot Japanese food (sorry I forget the names!) and we had about 15 guests and quite abit of alcohol! It was a good night, almost civilised... almost. There's also more done in the flat, but no video because there's no battery power left in the camera and silly cow me keeps forgetting that fact! But I'll get on up soon enough, promise!

In other news, I won a competition! ME! I never win anything! It was a competition held by the ever lovely Miz Candice DeVille over at  Super Kawaii Mama for a AUS$50 voucher courtesy of the beautiful store Violetville :D I'm about to go pick something out, since I'm FINALLY online properly... I'll be back with a pic of what I choose!


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