Thursday, 6 May 2010

Which of these -ism's do you think applies most to you: Solipsism; Nihilism; Determinism; Fatalism; Fallibilism; Absurdism; Bonism; Casualism; Gnosticism; Hedonism; Malism; Meliorism, or, is there another -ism that suits you better?

As much as I'd like to hold the ego I need to believe I am the only being in true existence, I don't, I believe too strongly in fate and purpose, but also free will, a world not rules by either/or situations, which rules out the next three, I accept all people are fallible, but not that everything we hold to be true is false. I believe personal truths are to be looked for, cherished and accepted for the meanings they inspire in our hearts and heads.

Bonism, I confess, I had never heard of before, but after a quick shuftie, I'm interested to learn more about it... I'll get back to you on that one!

Casualism is too broad an idea to believe or disbelieve, Gnosticism is too contradictory for me, and Hedonism is too simple, and ultimately selfish, for my tastes. I'd like to think more positively about life, and yet, I doubt I'm suitably pessimistic to support Malism and finally, although I'm all for progress, I believe the Nature world should not be spliced and diced for one species' own ego. There's plenty about the natural world that can advance the whole world to a better place, but nature and science must sit comfortably aside each other.

In essence, I wouldn't say I hold to a particular, established ethos, rather, I believe what I know to be true in the moment, and never stop looking to learn more. If there's an -ism out there that encapsulates that simple little thought process, then that's what suits me. And I'll find it one day!

I'm a mass of tumbling contradictions, however! I reserve the right it change my mind when I damn well please! :D

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