Saturday, 1 May 2010

Yesterday used to be the future


Then, hairdressers.

Feeling better that my much butchered hair (don't go to Flicks, is all I'm saying) was looking itself again, albeit a shorter version of it, the day seemed brighter even though it was overcast.

As I was walking up Union Street, two handsome men were walking down it.

We made eye contact.

I smiled.

So did they.

I let my gaze drift downwards.

They were holding hands.

Just two lovers, no big thing.

Just taking a stroll down a busy Glasgow street in the City Centre.

I looked back up, by now we were inches away from each other.

I smiled, a real, big smile that now that had nothing to do with my hair, the day's work or anything else.

Just the joy in the moment, that these two men could simply show their affection for each other in such a beautiful, easy way.

They returned the smile.

We walked past each other.

The moment was gone. But the memory remains.

This is progress.

This is the future.

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