Thursday, 12 August 2010

sister, sister...sister, and fictional character!

Man I'm tired. I've been tired all the time lately, the muggy weather and pulling extra hours at work has left Miz a very sleepy girlie! When I get home, all I want to do is sleep, and not think too much. But for today, at least, I figured I should have at least a small update on stuffs, since there has infact been life outside work!

My ickle (half) sister Sara was staying with us for a while, she does have her own flat but it was no longer very safe, she felt scared just being there and I wasn't for having that! I won't lie, it wasn't easy having 3 people, 3 loads of stuff, in an one bed flat, even one as spacious as this, but I'd always much rather that than knowing my sister couldn't feel settled in her own home. She's moved on now, to her mama's new house, now that it was fixed up enough for her, and although I'm glad to have my living room back, I kinda miss the booger :p

In other news, Lynzi, my other sister, the one I'm convinced is the true eldest since she mothers me so much - has gone and done something that will put her in the Hall of Family Fame forever more. Yesterday, she gave birth to Thomas, a bundle of Joy, and Dev. You see, she acted as a surrogate for this lovely couple, and gave them something they had been wanting for such a long time. I can't even begin to imagine how utterly selfless one must be to do something that requires not only your body, but heart and soul.

It was something she thought long and hard about, she already has 2 amazing kids, and doesn't want anymore, but as a mother, she understood, on a level I will never understand, the pull of having a child, and sympathised deeply with the plight of couples who find it hard to conceive. After a year of weighing up the pro's and con's, she decided it was something worth doing, signed with an agency, and was eventually matched with J&D. Since Lynzi is the most awesome of all human beings, she became pregnant on their first try, and not long after, a production company got in touch and asked to document the pregnancy. Since then, they've filmed a few segments, and it will be shown on BBC2 in March. Don't worry, I WILL remind you (incessantly) nearer the time :D

My sister is my personal hero. She's accomplished so much already in her life, and I know she'll continue to amaze me throughout our life. Even so, just for this one thing, the absolute magnitude of it all, will never cease to be the single most epic thing I've ever witnessed. She laughs at me for being so emotional, but I think, in this case, it's totally justified.

Since this seem to be about my sisters, I'll sign off with this last little tidbit. My other other sister (and that ain't even the last of them, just the last I've news about!)  Jaime Leigh, has moved back from the middleofnowheresville where my mama and Lynzi live, to Glasgow. Already we've had two nights out on the lash, and I predict many more in the near future! It's good to have the lil angel*not* back home where she belongs, partying with me! I love it :D

Normal service (if there ever was!) will resume as soon as.... well... when I've got more to say!

Oh oh!

I did start writing my character diaries and had hoped to update daily until the Gathering, but Real Life sucks! I have started, posted one, and have written more, but they're all out of sequence as I write from different points in Livvy's lifetime. I promise to sit down really soon and link them up so I can publish them in order. Anyone wanting to know more, drop me a line and I'll get back to you!


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