Saturday, 16 August 2008

To tell or not to tell?

Some people think that the confidentiality between server and customer is sacred. The things I hear! Please though - no one think for one second I'm badmouthing my lovely customers, but that one idea brings about a certain predicament. Should I tell much more than what I hear from day to day, or do I shamelessly advertise my cafe in the hopes of more custom?

Don't get me wrong, I work there for many reasons, but the number one reason isn't the wage. Believe me, it ain't great! I am one of those rare breeds that actually enjoy going to work, and being there. Sometimes, all I'll want to do is go home and sleep, but the love of both coffee and banter keep me there.

I've got a few regulars now, in the cafe. I've not been there long, but every day, seeing the same people come in gives me such a lovely feeling. Knowing their orders, asking them how life is, and not getting the generic "I'm good" - all this really makes it for me. But it's not just my regulars. Some people come in just the once, talking to me about anything and really making me think and disappear out of my life just as quickly. I've had some really in-depth conversations, and some completely weird ones, debates and almost arguments. My customers are my lifeline, their stories and opinions get me throught the day better than caffiene ever could! I love them all, even the horrible ones. Serving the small population of that small streach of road may not be the most important job in the world, and I know I could be off doing something more *something*.... I don't know, like being a doctor or lawyer... blah blah, but I've never done anything more fulfilling.

So, to start...

I love coffee. I hate Starbucks. Who can guess why?

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