Monday, 18 August 2008

I hate my eyes!

... not because they're horrible usually, they're actually quite nice eyes in my opinion. I love putting on make up and making them really fantastic looking... but no, to the orginal thought! I woke up today, and couldn't open my eyes. Conjunctivitis. Meh. So - obviously - I couldn't go into work today. It took me a few hours, lotsa sterile water and a lot of pain before I could pry them open. Gross! My lovely boyfriend G came over from his flat and then went to the pharmacy to get me eye drops, (which I should go put into my eyes again) and generally looked after me. I'm a lucky girl :)

I'm being very careful, washing my hands constantly, wiping down my eyes with sterile water and staying away from the cats :( I hate that last part. But it's all in the hopes that I'll be ok to go to work tomorrow. Not only can I not afford to take the time off, I miss it! All day today I just complained to my poor G about work. "Can I go now?" I asked plaintively, after he squeezed the first drops into my eyes. He replied it might take a little more time to heal than a few seconds. Crap. The pharmacist told him I should be ok in about 3 days, but I'm going back tomorrow. I'm always ultra-hygienic anyway, so I'll just make the extra effort on top of that.

Small question though - I wonder if my regulars missed me?

Going to bed, wish me luck!

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