Monday, 12 January 2009

7.00 am

I've been up all night watching Ugly Betty coz *sigh* yet again I can't sleep. So I thought, go do something constructive and write a meaningful, profound blog post.




People who make big ass pictures out of the symbols on keyboards have waaay to much time on their hands.


Maybe I should post my make up pics here..... meh, too much effort right now. I enjoy the fact that Cheryl is awake over in NY. I don't feel too much like a freak being online at stupid o'clock. *hugs* Thanks sweetie pie.

I should go home, I've been camped out at Gof's since I got back from his mates house Saturday night.

And I've just heard him get up for work. I miss work. I miss the routine, and the pay check. I despise the fact politicians who earn over £50,000 a year tell me it's ok that I live on less than £70 a week. It's not like I'm not looking, just what with this so-called credit crunch even big companies are scared to hire! I've went from looking at coffee shops and clothes shop to anywhere that'll hire me and pay me minimum bloody wage! And I still can't find anything!

Gah. Gof's away to work. Poor soul, I hate being wide awake when I'm here. He's upstairs sleeping and all I want to do is cuddle up with him, but my being awake keeps him awake, and he has work so I don't wanna do that, but then he misses me being there. Vicious circle. Grr.

Ok. I'm awake, but I don't have the energy to rant anymore.

Wish me ZZZZ's!

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magestic-kitten said...

<3 Anytime, darlin.
Tho, I can completely understand the missing work. I miss the stability, the daily grind so to speak. I grow weary of waiting to find a job that's willing to pay me something decent... it's sad when I honestly cannot find a job where I will make more than I make on my unemployment... But that runs out shortly, so, I've got a fair bit of worry ahead.