Saturday, 10 January 2009

Have no sympathy...

... for I brought it on myself! Hangovers are bad, but I never seem to remember how bad until I'm suffering through one! I'm feeling very sorry for myself of course, but no matter. I'm not touching the demon drink for a while. And yes, when I say that I tend to stick to it for a long while!

It was a great night though. Went to my friend Richy's (and adopted wee bro!) new house, the first he's lived in with his lovely fiancee, Toni, and his older brother Tony (yeah it gets confusing!) was over from Dublin, so it was a much needed reunion! Two bottles of red and half a bottle of Jack later... don'tcha just love the crap you talk about when you're drunk? It was brilliant to see them all, and totally worth the hangover! Maybe next time I won't drink quite so much... but then the likelihood of that happening is even lower than me dying my hair blonde!

Right now I'm going Gof's mates house for curry... and definitely NO booze!

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