Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Some of my favourite things....

... I have a confession to make. My room isn't exactly tidy right now. I know, shock, right? But still, I took some pictures of my favourite little purdy things in my room, and I thought I'd share with the world :P

First off, let me introduce Lucy, my ragdoll.
I've had her since I was about a year old. Her purple wool hair, plaited at either side of her sweet round face is long gone (blame my lovely little sister Lyndsay!), she's ripped and torn, and no amount of washing will bring her up to her original colourings, but I love her dearly. She's so soft and cuddly, the kind that only years of loving can bring, and I can't look at her without smiling, and that's even when I'm upset and/or angry! That's a gift! I really should repair her, and maybe put hair back on her... but I love her just as she is.

I found this hairdressing set in a random charity shop, for about £3, and even though I never actually use the set, it's too old to risk any damage, it's so very beautiful! The pewter jewelery box was a gift from my dear friend Emily for my 18th birthday. She is as mad about vintage goodies as I am! To the right of the hairdressing set is small hand-made candles I bought from Sith (pronounced Shee)Cafe, a Gaelic cafe anyone who enjoys coffee and fair trade goodies will enjoy! Oh, and that blanked out picture in the frame? My darling Gof in a somewhat "artistic" shot :P

Lastly (for now!), is my newest find, 6 darling pastel glass glazed espresso cups.
How gorgeous are these? I love them, from their luminous sheen, to the gold rims. I dare anyone sipping a thick syrupy espresso (yum!) from these dainty little things not to feel like a "Lady who Lunches"! I'm abit scared to use them though! In any case, they are a pretty addition to my evergrowing collection of cups and saucers!

I will post more of my little treasures soon, but for now, I'm off to Juggling Club!


Carol said...

Hopped over from Brocante Housekeepers circle. Your blog looks lovely. I will check back often. Love those espresso cups.

Carol M

Miz said...

Thank you! I spend alot of time online (unemployment has its uses!) so you're welcome anytime :)