Friday, 20 February 2009

Calling Vintage Kitten!!!!

I've been following your blog for a little while now, but now I'm locked out!

I found a darling little book, called "The Perfect Hostess" by Rose Henniker Heaton, published in 1931 - and a few pages on cocktails made me think of you! I was going to send it to you, but I'll post it here instead.

Pim Cup

One wineglass of No. 1 Pim cup mixture in a large tumbler
1/2 bottle small lemonade
1/2 bottle small soda-water
Slices of orange & lemon
2 slices rind of cucumber
Fill up with lumps of ice
Spray of borrage

( A Commander writes; "If you give your rich aunt one glass of this mixture, she will immediately get out her cheque book and keep adding noughts with every sip she takes until she is overdrawn.")


The Famous Lone Lodge Punch

Take two Seville oranges and one lemon - rub the yellow off with a quarter of a pound of sugar, add the juice and pulp and a very little hot water (just enough to make the mixture almalgamate), then add a claret glass of maraschino, half a pint of strong green tea, two sherry glasses of liquid sunshine rhum, half a pint of pale brandy, and a bottle of champagne.

NOTE. The author will be grateful to any reader who will kindly write to her describing the effect of this punch (or instruct the executors to do so).


Hope to hear from you soon Mrs Kitten!

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