Monday, 23 February 2009

Job Interview...

I love independent coffee shops. They seem to *do* coffee with more passion than (shudder) Starbucks. But one thing is, when you get a job interview of an independent place, you can't look them up online to find out more about them, usually. Definitely not in the case of Esquire Coffee House. I've got the job interview today, and all I know is what it looks like, where it is (obv), and that the owners name is Liz. Not a great amount to go in on.

I'm confident enough in my abilities as a barista to know I will walk the "tech" part of the interview - but I'd also like to walk in armed with the background information on this little place. I'll have to wing it, and ask loads of questions!

So, I've not slept, I've attempted to cover up that fact with plenty of make up, coffee, and water! My hair is done, and the 3 outfits I'm debating between are set out, ready for a decision!

Wish me luck!

I'm just glad I've even got an interview at this point!