Thursday, 19 March 2009

Josef Fritzl - Evil personified!

I'm watching Sky News and all the talking heads are talking about Fritzl suddenly felt guilty about what he had done when he seen his daughter in court, and that's why he suddenly changed his plea.

I disagree. The man locked up his daughter for 25 years and never spoke to her for the first 9, even though he raped her 3 times a week. He deliberately made the prison he locked his daughter in. He controlled every aspect of her life, down to the air she breathed. He forced children on her, and took children she no doubt loved, even given the source, beyond her reach, living just upstairs. His power play even killed one of her children. His need for complete control terrorised his wife also, one who believed her daughter had run away, only returning to leave new babies on the doorstep.

When, after all these years, he was finally caught out, the power he had over his family was lost. But wait! After months waiting for a trial, the whole world wanted this man dissected and found out - questions answered and his humiliation complete. His family, although probably scared of the prospect of seeing this man again, I can imagine welcomed the chance to face him with their heads held high. He waited for his moment, telling no one, and his last grasp of control was revealed. Given his obvious disturbed mind, I doubt he is an idiot. He would have known he was going down for a very long time. No matter the plea, he would have been found guilty, the evidence was overwhelming. The only piece of control he would have had left is how he was perceived. He suddenly was overcome with guilt? No, he waited until his daughter was there to get her justice, and he snatched that away from her, all those unanswered questions would never be revealed. He would not go to a regular prison, where, no doubt, there will be plenty of family-loving criminals waiting on an audience with the maniac. He'll live out his life in a hospital, treated with kid gloves, because he's mentally unstable.

Again, I disagree. The man was too methodical, too careful. Some people will commit crime and they have no real control over their actions. Some people, like Fritzl, are just evil.

I hope the irony of being locked up for life will not be lost on him. And I hope he is locked up FOR LIFE.

Mostly though, I hope his family can move on and live their lives out form under the shadow of him.

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Vintage Kitten said...

Well said Miz, It turns my stomach when I see this evil piece of scum. Hes had his life, probably doesnt have too long left so any prison sentence and punishment could never be enough for what he did, the legacy he has left will be with the rest of his family forever X