Sunday, 24 May 2009

If I start, maybe I'll finish.

I'm feeling, oh, I don't know, like inspiration should strike and I'm not quite sure why it hasn't yet.

***Things to accomplish this week***

Hand in/e-mail at least four different places with CV/applications, begging for a job.
Be ruthless - bin unworn/unwanted/unloved clothes in the charity shop.
Find foot pedal to sewing machine.
STOP BUYING LOOK MAGAZINE!!! Limit oneself to two magazines a month, Scarlet & Marie Claire.
Have at least 3 half hour sessions (15 mins aerobics, 15 mins yoga) on the Wii Fit
Have at least 3 quarter hour sessions on the Wii Personal Trainer
Lavish oneself with a throughly pampered evening, hair, mani/pedi and pluckage!
Watch Mannequin 2. Just coz!
Clean out make up case. Bin unneeded makeup dangit!
Find circus/burlesque acts for Repo night.
Bring my bike home!
Tend to my poor G, who was in a little bicylce accident (nothing serious darlings, male ego bruised mostly!)
Contact DWP yet again for news on this blooming claim.
Stay cheerful!

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