Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I've been working on a cocktail...

Nope, can't stop listening to it :P

So, so far today, the square root of jiggery all has been accomplished. Got out of bed at 8.50, and was straight on the phone to the Crisis Loan department. Ah, my usual fortnightly-on-a-Tuesday routine. How fun. After being on hold for about 25 mins, when I'd much rather have accompanied G to his MRI scan (to see if he broke any small bones in his flying over the handlebars trick the other day), I went through the WHOLE DARN STORY yet again for another faceless name who only seen me as data. I should have a special worker, the business I keep them in. He seemed to take a special interest in my case, or maybe he didn't believe that much could happen to one person, and put me on hold to "check the progress" of my claim.

Further to my post Endurance I have received, filled in (with help from the wonderful Citizens Advice Bureau) and sent by recorded delivery, a BRAND SPANKING NEW CLAIM with the whole sorry story of my previous efforts inside. They admit to having received it, but it hasn't been "processed" yet.

When he came back, he informed me that my claim was in a stasis, that I had to wait. Oh goodie. More waiting. He also told me that since I had been paid UP TO today, I get no deniro until tomorrow, when I have to call back up and go through the whole rigmirole AGAIN.

Right now, my life consists of begging for money. I should take to the streets, it's more honest.

I had a job interview on Saturday, that lasted 5 mins. I get the feeling it was to see what I looked like, it was for bar work, and the other bar staff were on the modelesque side. Meh, I doubt I'll get a callback! I even got a knockback from McDonald's for bleeps sake. How utterly lame.

But still, after I stop bitching here, I shall go have a cuppa herbal tea, and a workout. Showered, then prettified, I shall brave the rain and walk the half mile down to my doctors. Something tells me I'm gonna need the help.


I won't let the bastards grind me down. This morning's tears are gone. My eyes will dry. I shall rise above this, Phoenix-like, and one day, I will be secure in the knowledge this made me a better person.

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