Wednesday, 27 May 2009

NEED>>> LOVE>>> HAVE!!!!

That is all!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Good God, you have been through alot recently. The benefit sysytem is crap and so unfair. How come those who cant be arsed to find a job and never work dont have to go through all the rigmaroll of form filling and as you say 'begging' yet people like yourself who through no fault of their own are reduced to spending half their life on the telelphone just to get what they rightfully deserve dont get any help whatsoever? I know of someone who claims benefit who hasnt worked for 25 years (he is only 42 now) and he gets out of it by claiming he is a nut case! He is eccentric but there is nothing wrong with his mind. It makes me so mad (Im more of a nutcase then he is!!!)..........Anyway my rant on this could go on forever, I hope you get it sorted out soon. Sorry to read of your boyfriends accident, thankfully it wasnt serious X

Miz said...

Thanks VK, it's been stressful, to say the least! But I'm keeping positive, I understand why so many people lose hope and stay on benefits once they're on it, as it's so damn difficult to get on in the first place. I'm ok though, I'll continue to fight for my backdate, but as of yesterday I'm employed again! I'll be blogging the details soon, but needless to say, I'm so very relieved!