Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Elections results

I seen this coming from waaaay off, and I was powerless to cast my own vote as I needed to prove my new address before the 19th May, which I tried to, but couldn't do. It says alot about the faith of the British people that they have lost all hope in a "better than nothing" government and have come to rely on people who prey on the weak and spout hate like it's *obviously* ok to. I see what the BNP have done. They've sugarcoated the truth of what the have done, and in doing so made it easier to swallow and given us proven examples that they do what they set out to achieve.

Forcing immigrants out of whatever crappy scheme they've been dumped in? No, they've "brought the existing community together for a common goal"

It's horrifying, and we all know there's plenty more examples where that came from. No justification? Sure, but people are scared. The economy problem won't be fixed until people start spending again, but with the highest rate of unemployment in over 30 years, most (including myself) simply can't afford to jumpstart a system that screwed us all over.

Labour have failed absolutely and completely, and, let's face it, the Tories always seem to fuck things up even more, so the old assurances are dead. Smaller parties, like BNP and UKIP are gaining power simply because they still *seem* honest to the everyman.

To the 35 year old mechanic being made redundent with a family to support, the BNP may be racist, but at least he's got a better chance of a job if they were elected. To the wee granny, wouldn't harm a fly, but her pension is awful short and UKIP want to spend more money on their own country, not send it over to Europe.

The dinosaurs are dying out, and the parasites are taking over. This country is in shock, but lets hope be the time a GE rolls round, there will be a better option. Right now there's not one party I have faith in.

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