Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I haven't slept all night. Insomnia is well and truly back. I'm about to go try and sleep, or I'll be no use to anyone later! Not a good plan.

In other news, been feeling quite icky, I've caught a bug, probably not Swine flu, but with G working in a hospital (and in contact with at least one infected patient, poor person!) knowing my luck... :P Regardless, I've been chained to my desk with Repo!, and things are ticking over quite nicely :D

Sunday will see me all dressed up in one of the Bad Kitty corsets for this event....

... ahhh, the things I do in the line of beauty, I mean duty! Gallery opening, dressing up, and calling it work! Heh heh.

Now though, although I want to write more (loads to say!) I believe me in a bed with hot sweet tea and Viggo Mortensen (on the screen, sadly) is the best idea. LOTR: TTT is my comfort movie, I know it back to front, and I'll happily doze off watching it. At least, that's the intention....

Need to look impossibly fresh and amazing, backstage at the show tonight, better remember the camera!

I love this industry.

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