Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunday night

I went to the Art du Caf burlesque gallery opening, which opened as part of the Glasgow Cabaret Festival, and believe me, I wanted to buy all the artwork in sight! It was all gorgeous. But, given the small piece was still up for £895, I'd better put my purse back for now, my bank manager will thank me! Still, it was nice to see so many of my burley friends forever captured in paint, ink and love.

I wore one of Kelly's premade corsets, as requested, and I have never worn an off-the-peg corset that was so well made and comfortable! Since it was a new corset, I spent most of the night not *really* wearing it, just that bit too loose, but we tightened it up before the night was over. I've got a picture (courtesy of my girlie Cheryl) - not the best of pics, as we were *less* than sober!

The picture above was before the tightening, so imagine how tiny it made me! I was most happy. Methinks I'll be investing as soon as I can afford it!

I'll have more pictures from the GCF on Wednesday, when I'll be back at the Art du Caf for a very special night of performances!

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