Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Halloween Hell!

Halloween is the same date every year. I’ve known this for all of my 25 years, but it always sort of creeps up on me (if you’ll excuse the pun). I try to prepare something, costume, occasion, make up, hair; everything should be done and perfectly arranged. It never ends up that way. But this year! I’ll manage it! Honest! I’ve attempted to think about what I’ll be this year. My fail safe is always Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show (it’s the hair!) but this year I’ll attempt something different.

I’ve went through several ideas, most boring and uninteresting. Poison Ivy was a strong contender for a while, but really, my idea for that costume would require a body I don’t have the time or inclination to diet for. I wanted something I could make at least most of the costume for, I’m tired of seeing the same old costumes bought from the same websites and shops. So I needed time. I need time to create an outfit I’d be proud to say I’d made. I needed to decide what I was making, draw it out, plan relevant accessories, decide on make up and hair. Whew! I’ve not even decided on where I’m going yet!

So, a plan. I sat down this morning in front of the computer and refused to move until I decided what I was going to do. Something fun, a bit sexy, easy enough to make but something I can embellish further should I have the time. Something that’ll look appropriate, no matter where I’ll end up on the night itself. I racked my brain. My hair will be a bright shade of red by then. I’ll have limited but regular access to a sewing machine. I have very little money. I don’t want a short outfit. I want it to be easily understandable. Yeesh. Tough crowd, me! Ok, coffee time. Maybe a little music. I tabbed youtube, and hit the first favourite video. Emilie Autumn.

Oh. Oh oh! That little red heart at the side of her face! An idea started formulating. Most of my friends are looking forward to seeing Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. The stills and posters look great, but his vision for the Queen of Hearts isn’t exactly one I could easily create. I’m just not that good! For one, I’m not sure I could enlarge my head… ok, I’m kidding, but really, I love this idea of being the Queen. I knew immediately I don’t want to emulate the Disney version either. I could give it a Miz twist! Thank you Emilie!

After deciding I could do this, my first port of call is, of course, hair and make up. Victory rolls, with the rest of my hair in loose ringlets, and a black crushed cushioned velvet pinned in between the rolls. A thin alice band, covered in small white and black felt hearts, a swarovski crystal in the centre of each black heart. Make up wise, a whitened face, a light smoky eye with a reddish tone and high blushed cheeks. A love heart lip, of course, outlined in thin black and glittered within.

Costume, I haven’t got so far with yet. I know I want a black heart corsage to match my hairpiece, and a simple thin ribbon choker, tied in a pretty bow. I need more white and red, but I don’t want to look like a demented candy striper! Or worse, Mrs Claus! Hmm. Definitely a skirt, a-line, just below the knee. Top-wise, no idea. I’m lost.

Anyone have any ideas?

I'll be going to fabric and craft store on Friday, so I need a definite idea by then!

*Think Nicola think!*

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