Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I may be too high maintainance...

As I'm currently furious with my boyfriend for being tired. Yup, the hard working half of the couple is too tired to service his girlfriend. How rude. How shocking. I know I'm being COMPLETELY and UTTERLY out of line here, but that doesn't help the fact I'm raging. I lay in bed fuming for about ten minutes after he admitted defeat, and quite dramatically flounced off to come downstairs and rant about it. Ah, the joys of the t'interweb. I need to calm down before I attempt to go back upstairs. Please note, mind, that I was tired and needed to sleep before getting so worked up, so now I'm wide awake and horny. Apart from the obvious reason that it's his fault, it's not really his fault. I'm just being a bitch.

Man, I hate when that happens. Can I say the main reason I came down here was so I know he'd get to sleep? It's true!

watch this space, I may turn into a nice girl yet!

Oh dear, drunk and/or high neds outside the house screaming at each other. "Ya fuckin hoor" and "Ur a pure prick" keep getting repeated inbetween high pitched screaming I can't interpret for the sane. Who said romance was dead?

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