Saturday, 26 September 2009

lazy days....

I know Sunday is traditionally the day of rest, but today has been a lazy, next to nothing happening day. Tomorrow I'll have a checklist of things to do, but for now... ahhhh.

Lazing about.

After getting in at around 4am this morning, I didn't get up until after noon! I danced my ass around in the Classic last night, took pictures (that I can't upload because I can't find the USB cable!), and generally had a great time. I love when there's no drama.

Gof made me some lunch, egg and bacon (no bread!) and then I sauntered back upstairs to play Zelda, Twlight Princess for a few hours, during which Gof came up and gave my poor "mosher's" neck and rub with my favourite Lush massage bar.

Then I've came back downstairs, had half a bowl of Carrot & Spicy Lentil soup (I'll post the recipe soon!) and sat down to write this!

I love lazy days.

Now I'm off to have a long, hot shower, getting back into bed and writing some notes about Elivinessa. Her past has got really interesting!

G'night folks!

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