Thursday, 26 November 2009

That was quick!!

Lookie lookie what I got!

It's over, the waiting and constant moving is over. I can settle, cosy in and make this beautiful place mine. Lets go back a week ago. Wednesday, I was out of the hostel on other, (personal to someone else so won't go into!) business all day. That night, I was handed a bundle of messages from various Housing Associations, and of those two offering me a house! The next morning, I rang each back for more information, and either couldn't speak to the person who called or had to leave a voicemail. These people were obviously not waiting by the phone for my fabulous self to call! :P

Finally, I heard back from PHA, a Housing Association apparently so difficult to get into that the Hostel staff were shocked they called! What's more, they wanted to visit me on that day! Fast foward to 2.30pm, and I welcomed two lovely ladies into my little flat, where we discussed my current situaition, the circumstances leading up to it, and where I hope to go from there. Paperwork completed, they asked to see my little abode. Gladly, I obiliged them, and ohhing and ahhing, they complimented me on the way I'd fixed up the place. Settling back down, they dropped the bombshell.

"We're giving you a flat."

I couldn't believe it. They gave me the information, specs about the flat, but I was barely listening. "It's over", I kept thinking. "It's really happening, no more moving!". I heard the phrase "You've pretty much won the lottery", but really, they didn't tell me it was the Euro Millions!

Think I'm kidding? Watch the video and get back to me.

See what I mean? Let's skip past the fact I look HORRENDOUS (been really ill actually :S) and get to screaming with GLEE and doing the happy dance!!

I've really lucked out on this. Forget the pity parties and the fact I've been on the move for about 18 months... I still don't think I deserved something as fantastic as this! But it's mine, and I'm not giving back!

I moved out of the hostel on Tuesday (more on that later) and I spent my first night there last night. It's all still a dream.

I've made another video, but forgot the camera (silly me) so will upload it tomorrow. Right now I still don't have a lot of furniture and so I'm spending most nights at Gof's, but I'm there during the day, and it's getting there. That's all that matters.

I'm getting there.

Oh, and I was wrong. It isn't all over. It's just beginning.

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