Thursday, 13 May 2010

a little procrastination....

My sleeping pattern is all outta whack. It happens, when I'm on holiday for a week and I know have internet access (did I mention that?) and maybe I slept all day today. 

It was a migraine-induced coma, ok? I couldn't help it. Honest.

Anyway, now we're done with recriminations and such, we'll turn our heads to why I'm actually typing this at 2.00am, in my nightie and with cold feet.

No, it's not Repo, although that's what got me out of bed. Seriously, I gave up trying to sleep (again) when I realised I was watching the movie in my head.

I'm that obsessed. But more on that another time.

I've started thinking about the fact I'm attending my lovely wifey's daughter's communion this Sunday. I want to look nice, and appropriate for a Church. But sadly, I've realised most of my attire is... well... not exactly conservative. So, I've done what any girl would do this time of night. I took to Polyvore.

I'm swerving towards wearing a dress. Just because.

I love green. Especially when it's exactly the right shade against my red hair not to make me look like a Christmas tree.

Grey and pink is quite lovely, this time of year too ...

ok, ok, I got side tracked...

I spend way too much time online.

But the hunt for an appropriate outfit will continue tomorrow!


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