Wednesday, 19 May 2010



Let's try this.

I'm not dealing with this very well, and that, in itself, it more of a shock than I anticipated. At first, I was more upset at the situation, and for the two main players than for myself, but now...

Today was a bad day at work. Not bad because it was a bad day at work, but because I spent the entire day merely existing, and floating through time in a way I've not been in a long time. I say it's a down swing, but it's swinging down too low for comfort. This is bad.

So I have to admit that this is affecting me. And this makes things difficult. Because it's now making me angry at the push into my shaky piece of mind.

But who, or what, to be angry at? I'm not angry at them, I think. There's no point being being angry at something no-one can control. It's just shit. And I know out of this, I'm not suffering even half as badly as they are.

But I'm heartbroken and I need something to blame it on.

Tomorrow will be an empty day.

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