Saturday, 25 September 2010

Feelin' blue...

But it's a good thing!

I'm halfway through my weekly scrub, with dust itching my nose and my hands feeling worse for wear. So I've took alittle break and played a game. While I've been tiding, I've been making a note of things I still need/want to change/should buy in/want for the sake of the pretty. By tonight, I should have complied quite the list! But it's nice when I score it off, buying what we need for the flat or just because it's irresistible takes us one step closer to the home Gof and I want to have.

But to the game. I need constant inspiration and as I sat down to my laptop and diluting juice (keeping hydrated!) I wondered what I would do if I wanted my house to have blue in every room. Of course, I'm not doing that, but I wanted to see what other people have done. Out of the gazillion photos I saved for further viewing, these are my favourite five.

In this picture, I love how busy everything is and yet it looks like a place to be comfortable in, to enjoy and relax. Imagine, the sun gazing through as you smell the floras and feel the well worn comfort of all the cushions and quilts around you, your eyes heavy and dozing in little nap time.
Simply, how cool is the organiser! I mean, the colours and styling are right up my street, but it's the fact it looks like it belongs in a 60's spaceship or something that bring out the wow factor! Do want! An afternoon of whipping up the cupcakes and muffins your loved ones enjoy so much, flour on your nose and singing along to your guilty secret songs!

I actually have a very similar chandelier in pewter grey in our bedroom, but the unexpected shade of blue lifts it into the extraordinary. I'm a ditz, can anyone tell me what this shade is called? I may want it's babies! I can imagine a soft glow from those bulbs, setting off your calm room, a crown to any beauty you create.
 Ooh you wouldn't leave this bathroom would you? No, I would lay there all day, my champagne glass always magically full as I lazily reach for it sitting on the chair beside me. Gof would come in every so often to feed me grapes and strawberries as Nat King Cole songs whispered through the window... bliss!
Finally, a little study, with beautifully planned out frames encasing your favourite moments in life looking over you as you read, write, or daydream the afternoon away. Imagine writing a letter to loved one, with crumbs on your lips from the cinnamon cookie to the side and your nose full of the aroma of a ginger tea. 

Ok, your turn! Pick a word - a colour, fabric, emotion, anything, and look it up on google images. Then lets see your favourite 5 pictures!

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