Wednesday, 27 August 2008

So much for daily posts!

...But to be fair, I was whisked away on a short break with my lovely man G. Back at work yesterday, but it was so dull, didn't even have any sit in customers. I hate it when that happens. Today I was only in 8.30 to 1.00, and the weather is still keeping people away, but one wee thing happened I just have to recount. There's an old man in a wheelchair that goes up and down the street, annoying people by yelling at them and throwing stuff. He stinks, and for some reason he carries around a green plastic garden hanging basket in a plastic bag on his lap. It's obvious no one looks after him, and I feel sorry for him. Today though, as I was serving a customer, the guy from the shop who comes in to get a snack (tea and toast) he stopped outside my door and started banging the door. I was just buttering the toast, so I ignored him for two seconds, then went to the door (there's a step up into the cafe, which I was thankful for soon enough). He barked his order at me, a tea, and a sandwich. I asked him which kind of sandwich, and told him the options. He asked how much a sandwich cost. I told him it was based on what filling he chose. He demanded a price again. So I told him I'd make his tea while he decided what sort of sandwich he wanted. Brought back the tea, and asked him if he had decided on a sandwich. He gruffed a "no", so I just told him it was a pound for his tea. He got all huffy and insisted I give him it for free, because he was in a wheelchair. I told him no, and he said it wasn't brown enough anyway, and wheeled off. Cheeky bastard!

Now, I realise that certain people are going to need extra help, and sometimes special privileges are necessary, but to expect freebies? That just makes a mockery of all wheelchair users that try that much more to make sure they are not treated any differently. In my eyes, it's like my expecting people to give me a tip every time I serve them. Sure, it'd be nice, but they're paying for a product I'm already being paid to serve them, so it would be unreasonable to expect it. Not that I'm gonna refuse if someone offers! But therein lies the difference. My customers will CHOOSE whether or not they leave a tip. My service will be the same. So, back to the point. Does anyone truly believe that someone deserves to expect privileges that don't relate to their particular disability, just because they have it? (what's the newest PC term? They're all pretty discriminatory anyway!) When I was in college, I was in awe of the amount of people there despite their different mental or physical disability. There was a great support system, sure, but they were almost daring us to look past what we could see and realise the thirst for knowledge overwhelmed any difficultly in receiving the education they wanted. I have the utmost respect for my fellow students for fighting that double battle.

Sounds pretty bad, but I don't think I'll be serving that man again. I'm still concerned for his well being, but he's not making his life any easier. I can't help but think that if only he'd change his ideas, he'd change his life around. His real disability is in his mind, not his body.

Quote of the day today comes from

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"
Theodor Geisel

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