Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I can't wait!

..for the students to come back! I'm losing my mind over the quietness of the cafe, I need custom! I've been open since 8.30, and not one single customer yet. Doesn't anyone want coffee? A Danish? A fresh smoothie? Meh. I'm drinking a double shot espresso, so I expect I'll start bouncing off the walls soon.

So, yesterday, a father came in with his toddler daughter. He's trying to toilet train her, but, unused to not wearing a nappy, she wet herself while sitting down on a cream chair (told my boss cream was a bad idea!). It happens. I sopped up the worst of it, and Dettol'd the chair. But this man was just horrible to his little girl. He kept giving her into trouble, saying she was a bad girl, and just generally being an asshole about it. I kept saying it was fine, it was natural, when you're toilet training a toddler to expect lots of accidents, but it apparently just wasn't getting through. I suppose he was embarrassed, but it's perfectly natural, and I was trying to reassure him that the chair was fine. I was just kinda horrified at the the way he treated his little girl. How is she going to learn if she's taught to be ashamed? It was an accident outwith her control, she's just started toilet training, what did he expect? I'm getting quite angry thinking about it. The worst thing is, he's actually a really nice guy otherwise. It's strange how a nice guy can react like that.

In 15 mins, I'll have been open for 2 hours. Not one single customer. I'd start giving away coffee to lure them in.

I've started looking up Latte Art too. It's amazing what people can do with foam, chocolate sauce, and a screwdriver! (yeah, really) Look at this...

So, I've decided, in my downtime, I'm gonna teach myself Latte Art. I've already got the foam right, so I'm gonna practice patterning the foam. I'll let you know how it goes!

Quote of the day time.... this one is to help me along the Latte Art path -

"Every artist was first an amateur"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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