Sunday, 26 April 2009


Not feeling too great today. Nothing serious, just sneezy with a swollen throat, nothing I can't handle! As a silver lining, I've only had kiddie sized portions of my meals today, as *ahem* swallowing is difficult, and I've realised I'm not any hungrier as a result. My stomach is definitely shrinking, and along with the fact there's now a Wii (and Wii Fit) at both G's and my own place (thank Shaz, new flatmate, for that!) I'm able to get a half decent workout of Step Aerobics and Yoga in each day.

Today though, I've had a little go on the Step, but mostly I've been napping, and demanding hugs off of my always eager to please man'o'mine G. I'm such a brat when I'm feeling lousy.

Scratch that. I'm always a brat. I demand huggles all the time!

Right now, I'm wasting time as G takes his shower, then I'll be taking mine, before snuggling up once again and drifting off on G's BRAND NEW BED.

I say brand new, it's about a week old, but wow! What a difference! No more sore backs! The new bed in his room has inspired him to sort out the rest of the place, since moving in, he's done very little (men!) but all week, and especially today, he's been buzzing about full of energy while I die slowly in the corner.

Except not the last part.

Still, I'm very proud of him, and thankfully that his spring cleaning mood extends to my new place, which will very much be a work-in-progress for some time yet. I'll talk more about my new flatmates soon, but suffice to say, they are absolute gems, and want to turn our happy flat into a lovely home built for three (and their friends!)

Ok, enough for now, it's nice to write randomess, but the shower, and more importantly, G, My Love, is too.

Good night folks


Little by little, my life is becoming more beautiful...

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