Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Flat

I'd like to welcome you to my new place... come on in... don't be shy! I've got loads to show you, loads of pictures of my new attic flat!

Come on, up the stairs, I know it seems quite dark, but look! Look up! See that sky light? That's a box skylight in my flat!

Nearly there now... just at the front door and up the last of the stairs! Oh, here's the skybox from inside!

But if you look inside, you can't see the stairwell... it's too bright in here.... never a bad thing!

Oh, the kitchenette looks alittle untidy! A quick 5 minutes and it'll look lovely again. It's good having such a small kitchenette, even the small amount of dishes, drying on the side, make the place look untidy, so it's always kept clean. Little and often, and we're happy!

If you look to the left, you'll see the dining area, the table top is actually a door! It's supported by an intricate metalwork, and it's my summer project to make it beautiful again!

Did you spot the armoured dummy behind the table? My flatmate makes and buys real and realistic armour, and this dummy (let's call him Sir Harold of Ruskin) serves and protects our happy family! He also serves as a hat stand, but he is dutifully proud of his station!

To the right, is the sitting area. We have a huge projector screen that we also use as a pc monitor. Right now we're listening to Pantomime by Incubus, and Brandon Boyd, shirtless, on a huge screen? NEVER a bad thing! When I'm not lusting over handsome half naked men on the screen, I enjoy the New York landscape wallpaper behind it... just alittle something else to make me feel like Carrie!

That'll be all for today darlings, I'm still settling in... but please do come back soon to see more, and maybe the weather will be nice enough to go shopping to all the ickle vintage shops and oddles of charity shops there are around here.

I think I'm home.

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