Friday, 10 April 2009

Change sneaks up...

Well, I'm fleeing. Kinda. I'm moving into a new place tomorrow, and it's all sorts of crazy cool! It's a loft conversion, and in a beyoootiful town house, which, when I'm walking into the building, makes me feel like Carrie in Sex and the City!

I've been booted, rather than I jumped, but really, it was a matter of time before I worked up the courage to admit I had to go. So I don't mind so much. The one thing that's bugging me is I'm trying to do this over the Easter Weekend, which is very awkward, to say the least! But I'll give it a go. I'm surrounded by friends who wanna help me get the hell outta Dodge, so I'm lucky! I'll be taking picture of the big move in, and post them next week!

Right now though, I'm eating lunch (leftover Chicken Spaghetti) and I'm about to go get ready, and visit the flat again, to get my keys and sort out some space for the Big Move tomorrow!

Chapter 1234550294 of My Life - Living it up in the West End! starts tomorrow :D

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Vintage Kitten said...

Your new place sounds fab (pictures please!!) Hope the move goes okay, have a lovely Easter! X