Monday, 22 March 2010

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Oh how I miss the tinterweb! I'm getting there... ever so slooowwwllyyy, but I'm getting there.

I've been working in Sainsbury's for just over a week now, and I love it! Officially I'm a Code Checker, which basically means I go around the store making sure the stock is there, anything dated for today is reduced (and technically I can reduce the price to whatever I choose - oh the power!!) , and my favourite bit, I'm usually the one customers go to for help. It's not rocket science, or even working in a cafe, but I love being around people, and I LOVE knowing I'm earning my own money. I see good things working there. Everyone has been uber friendly, and I'm pretty confident already, within myself, being back in work.

Gof is moving in, in two months. His socks and some DVD's have already made their way over to my house, but it'll be interesting to see how real life living together. After over two years together, and pretty much living in each others pockets, the only real change will be the finances. Which we've already discussed. And discussed, yada yada yada! It'll still be a big step, I know, but I trust us to cope.

I also got a new laptop! An Acer Aspire 5532, to be specific. In true squee style, me hearts it big time :D Now all I need is proper net access at my flat and I'll be cooking with... well, binary code?

Ok, I'm all over the place today. This entire blog is totally unstructured, I know this, but I'm emotionally all over the place even though I'm probably the most stable I've ever been!

Right, let's just recap -

*I have a new job
*I love said job
*Gof is moving in soon - scary and exciting
*I bought a new laptop to celebrate new job
*I'm getting excited about about The G already since I know Steve and Frances are coming too
*I'm writing my character diaries again, and am thinking of creating a new blog for them
*I just ate some ice cream
*Mock The Week is on Dave
*I should go to bed soon.

And the bestest ever thing? I'm deliriously happy right now.

Long may it last.

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